Spotlight on India" view DMA USA 2004 (New Orleans) presentation
International Day presentation - June 19,2006
Regency Direct Marketing Group (RDM) provides "end-to-end", “one stop shop” integrated DM solutions for advertisers and marketers from any realm. The company offers world-class Creative Services, Alternative Media Management, Print Production Services, Data Management & Fulfillment services.

RDM was established by visionaries (see management profiles) to enable an evolution in the Indian media and marketing services industry. Our focus: to use economics of better ROI scale to bring cost-efficiency and advanced media solutions to our customers.

RDM provides superior marketing and creative talent along with an entrepreneurially spirited team necessary to deliver creative global solutions to our clients.

RDM has gained insight and expertise in identifying which products, lists and creatives work best. Then these products, lists and creatives are tested for optimum response levels and the winning product offers are further honed to perfection. So, what is made available to your customer is the best possible value on a rather exclusive basis with a full guarantee of satisfaction.

A resourceful partner in your marketing success! Benefit from consumer marketing knowledge, direct media expertise and products know how. We will formulate your testing parameters and identify winning strategies. We will guide you from start to finish. We will also provide continuous feedback at every step of the way. We offer you an excellent source for obtaining new customers.

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