Spotlight on India" view DMA USA 2004 (New Orleans) presentation
International Day presentation - June 19,2006

Dharti Desai is Founder and President of Regency Direct Marketing India Pvt. Ltd, and Mail Order Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., one a direct marketing consulting company and the other a state of the art print production company – both located in Mumbai, India. Dharti saw the potential India had to offer much before the outsourcing boom and established a pioneering position for herself and the company in direct marketing in India and along with her brother - Mehul A. Desai (Founder & Chairman of the group) - significantly heightened the company's prominence within the industry since 1997.

She has been the key architect in setting the overall strategic direction of all her companies, patiently awakening a country to the hitherto unknown direct marketing world, sourcing key clients and vendors, working with the local nuances of the country and facilitating the integration of direct marketing consulting and bank card syndication. She has been instrumental in conceptualizing, researching and setting up a strategic communications platform for FineWinesnMore. FineWinesnMore is as an educational, communications and interactive tool for consumers from all walks of life, be it a novice or a connoisseur. FineWinesnMore leverages Dharti’s and Regency group companies’ 17+ years of valuable experience in direct marketing in India and abroad. With the help of her direct marketing companies she researched on the concept and strategy for FineWinesnMore for over 2 years before starting the company in January of 2007. She coined the name FineWinesnMore and has aspirations to make her new enterprise an industry leader in innovation, credibility, and education for wine consumers in India.

Dharti has been invited as a speaker to conventions of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), USA, to wine and luxury goods marketing shows in India and abroad and is the author of “DM in India Guidebook’” ( ) co-sponsored by the DMA, USA. She is a member of the DMA, USA, International Council of the DMA, the Direct Marketing Ideas Club of NY and also of Asian Women In Business, NY.

A single mother of a 17 year old daughter, Dharti is a graduate of Wilson College, Mumbai University (India) and now divides her time between the USA and India. She is fluent in French and also taught for many years at the Alliance Francaise in New York and India.


Mehul A. Desai is the driving force of Regency Group. His vision and focus have led the company to establish standards and business models that have proven exemplary for a small set up to grow exponentially in a short span. A Sales & Marketing veteran, his journey to set up a business venture of his own took wings with the Regency Group in 1997 with sister and partner Dharti Desai.

Regency specialised in outsourced Print production and Distribution for International Direct Marketers and Advertisers. To put it simply, delivery of mails from the printer to the customer’s door step was an unheard of concept which made the Company an industry leader by implementing and combining high end technology as well as manual labour which offered clients a great cost reduction. With his in depth knowledge of the Indian marketplace Mehul has been instrumental in defining the company's relationship with its clients in India and establishing a seamless Bank Card Syndication program and launching "Regency Rewards", a successful first of its kind co-op marketing program integrating targeted and one on one messages and brand building promotions for advertisers thirsty for more advertising space.

Mehul achieved the next milestone with Mail Order Solutions in 2003 which is the exclusive printing arm of the Regency Group and has fast become a force to reckon with in the industry.

Amongst his goals for the Group is to position MOS as a world-class direct marketing organization and to provide unmatched support and service to the company's constituents, including business operations and the executive management team. With Mehul's tenacity, today MOS has a plush all encompassing print production facility which houses the latest in technology, processes and aims to be a INR 1000 million plus venture soon.

An avid cricket fan and graduate from Mumbai University, Mehul started his career as a Sales Executive at Procter & Gamble India Ltd. and rose to senior positions in companies like Modi Xerox Ltd, Real Value Appliances Ltd, and Atlaz Telecommunications Ltd. Mehul was Vice President (Sales & Marketing) with Atlaz before he launched his own enterprise, Regency in 1997. Mehul's forte has been his skill to "sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo" and he uses that talent now to hone in deals, conducting training sessions with his staff & vendors.

Mehul is married to a working Professional in the Fragrance industry. Mehul is on Board of Advisor for the DMA, India, is a committee member of The Bombay Master Printers Association and has been a speaker at various Industry events and seminars.

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