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Billing Statement Inserts

The more you know, the more you'll sell. Consider this powerful, non-cluttered medium, sent monthly via first class mail to over eight million active credit card buyers who open the envelope! Billing statement inserts are a natural extension to direct response advertising. Maximize your ad campaigns and reach this virtually untapped arena.

Let RDM, a pioneer in billing statement inserts in India, help you develop a meaningful program that will generate an incremental revenue stream. Expand your market using credit card issuing banks, oil companies, mobile phone companies and more.  Let us show you how easy and inexpensive it is to test this growing alternative media.

  • Billing statement insert offers tremendous advantages to marketers and advertisers.
  • Promotional inserts accompanying monthly bills enjoy exclusivity, (no advertising clutter).
  • Monthly bills are always opened assuring the marketer that the promotional insert will be seen!
  • The promotion is endorsed by the card issuer thereby giving additional creditability that ensures a higher response.
  • The advertiser is assured of reaching a credit worthy purchaser.
  • Promotional material accompanied by order form is a sure way to convert prospects and capture sales.
  • Payment is virtually always assured since the customer may be billed on his credit card.
  • No bother of sourcing merchandise, no trails and therefore no wasted resources.
  • Complete assurance of success due to tested, proven and winning bargains.
  • No costs associated with producing and financing the merchandise offer program.
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